Topx™ docking & care

We seamlessly connect to your IT landscape.

We adapt Topx™ to your working environment.

And of course we digitize for you.


Still too much paper in your office that might host valuable – and lost – knowledge, and then too little space?

With our digitization experience, we make sure that every single sheet turns just as searchable as today’s advanced IT permits.

AI expertise made useful for law firms.


Often tools that are most commonly used in law firms can be impediments to everyday office efficacy. Yet more effective use is possible without major investments.

What e.g. about connecting websites that provide you with legal information, a file reference number or a tax number to an internal law firm knowledge database?

Or connecting Topx™ to your preferred office applications already in use.

Topx™ – where decades of experience meet with creativity.

And cutting-edge innovation.


You need not adapt to Topx™. Let Topx™ adapt to your needs. Choose from a huge variety of AI approaches only one or a few of which might suit your needs.

Not that we can boast of your legal expertise, yet our general legal knowledge might be helpful in understanding and assisting you in making high-end IT serve your striving for excellence.

Topx™ picks me up where I am.

And takes me where I want to be.

First and foremost we try to understand your everyday working conditions – as we see listening to you as an ‘outstanding’ capacity in B2B services.